Monday, April 20, 2015

Tips for Anitique Buying

No matter where you live or how old you are, antiques are a great way to give character to any room, office space, etc. The following are just a few tips from experience:

1. Make sure the items are not broken.

Check for dents, scratches, loose legs/hinges, or chipped paint. Make sure you do not buy something that is going to break as soon as you get home. Keep in mind that Antiques obviously means it is used, so items will not be perfect, and hey a little age will give it character.

2. Look for bargains.

Don't buy antiques for ridiculous prices, you might be able to find a version of an item cheaper elsewhere. Keep in mind that sometimes the price might be negotiable. Try asking for a price that is cheaper and see where it goes. If there is no price on the item, offer one. Sometimes they might take your price.

3. Look for "Diamonds in the Ruff"

Look for unusual pieces that would be interesting for the space you are decorating. Maybe upholster, paint, etc. Antiques can be a great conversation piece to have in any room

Independent Learning

Whether you are in school, out of school, graduating or graduated, you can learn by yourself. Your whole life is a learning process that never ends. How do we keep learning? What do we keep learning? Aside from life lessons there is a lot that we are able to learn, hopefully this helps you decide what and how to learn.

1. What interests you?

Are you a book worm? Do you have clinical wanderlust? Are you a musician? No matter what interests you, or what drives you, there is always something more that can be learned. Maybe try researching your interests, people who have done your interests, maybe learn how to do something new that you have never done before.

2. How can I learn?

You can find apps, websites, books, go to museums. When I was studying Spanish in Costa Rica, a great resources I used to learn by myself was Duolingo which is a free app to help you learn different languages.
                                              National Museum San José, Costa Rica

3. Take Classes at your own pace.

Some universities and schools have programs set up that you can do it online at your own pace. If you want to further your education and get a degree, definitely check into highly rated programs that will allow you to do so in your spare time.